Glasses-free 3D Monitor Allows for
A Near-reality Visual Experience!

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We view the world in 3D. Each eye visualizes reality in different angles,
while our brain analyzes the image processed through the eyes to create stereoscopic depth of the objects in front of us.
MOPIC's 3D Monitor provides a very natural, authentic experience through our naked eye.

The easiest monitor for 3D visualization

Our 3D monitor connects to your PC/Mac through an HDMI cable.
This product helps professionals in 3D modeling and 3D graphic production.
It also allows 3D game developers to easily view their work, visualizing 3D data stereoscopically in real-time.
The camera put on the monitor tracks the user’s viewing position and provides an optimized 3D view.

Use it with Enscape!

Enjoy 3D videos on YouTube

View in stereoscopic mode

1) Auto Converting Side-by-Side 3D Videos

By generating 3D video (SBS format) on the MOPIC box,
our 3D monitor automatically converts and plays a video that perfectly fits onto and integrates with our screen.

2) Eye-tracking & Real-time Rendering

At the same time, the camera tracks the user’s eyes, providing stereoscopic views to match the tracked eye position.

3) Glasses-free 3D Screen

The 3D screen attached to the monitor plays the role of 3D glasses. Users see 3D contents with the naked eye.


MOPIC's 3D Monitor consists of 3 main components: 4K 3D display, a camera, and a 3D box.
The 3D screen is attached to the 4K display, and the 3D box has our 3D software pre-installed.

Two ways to use the 3D monitor

1) Stand-alone mode (with 3D box)

The 3D Player that is pre-installed in 3D Box will open the 3D videos once you plug in the USB.
By generating the 3D video, the monitor allows you to see in stereoscopic views without the need for 3D glasses.

2) HDMI Input mode (with PC and 3D box)

Connect your PC/Mac to the 3D monitor through an HDMI, and press [button] to view 3D videos in stereoscopic mode.
By pressing the [button] again, you can convert back to 2D mode.
When not being used for stereoscopic viewing purposes, you can use the monitor as an external monitor.

Why don’t buy now?

As you may know, the glasses-free 3D monitor is not the first 3D monitor in the world.
However, our product is the first to provide bright, 4K resolution at the innovative price.

Be the first to experience
the latest in 3D technology!

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By minimizing the difference between reality and display through Glasses-free 3D tech, MOPIC creates greater value.
You can now benefit from the best-in-class glasses-less 3D tech.

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To make the world richer and safer with stereoscopic images,
we offer a Glasses-free 3D total solution including both hardware and software.

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