Let your tablet bloom - HoloGlass

HoloGlass is a unique 3D lens that converts your tablet into a 3D/VR device.
If attached onto the front screen, HoloGlass will convert your screen from 2D into 3D.

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Most effective device to
demonstrate 3D contents

Without the need for 3D glasses or an HMD, users may easily demonstrate a close-to-reality visual of 3D contents
such as 3D models and 3D graphics. After attaching the film, users will need to adjust the 3D Settings once in order to maintain the ultimate visual immersion. * Caution: the HoloGlass needs to be correctly attached to the front screen of the tablet.

Embodying innovation in a Case - Snap3D

Snap3D is a unique smartphone case that converts your smartphone into a 3D device.
If attached onto the front screen, Snap3D will convert your smartphone from 2D to 3D.

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Snap3D - 2 in 1

MOPIC has taken into account customers' convenience
Simply attach the Snap3D onto your smartphone front screen,
and you will experience the ultimate visual immersion with your naked eyes.
Enjoy the experience of the one and only 3D VR smartphone case!

Snap3D & HoloGlass: How does it work?

In order to view in Stereoscopic 3D VR mode, users are required to have a smartphone,
the Snap3D/HoloGlass3D, and the Mplayer3D application installed.
The Mplayer3D transforms the smartphone into a 3D TV, while the Snap3D/HoloGlass functions as 3D glasses.
As aforementioned, without 3D glasses, you can enjoy real-life 3D VR experiences with your naked eyes.

Difference made with one layer of lens

Precise design of the lenticular lens in our product is what makes the difference.
The lenticular lens attached to the Snap3D case is transparent, light, and shockproof.

Stereoscopic 3D
for Whenever Wherever Whoever!

We are destined to view the world with our naked eyes.
MOPIC minimizes the difference between reality and display.

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